Saturday, September 20, 2008

$1.50 Hot Dogs from Costco

Costco's Sinai Kosher Polish Sausage

Costco isn't exactly a place that one goes to for good food. Indeed, most of the items available for sale at the snack bar look downright revolting. But the $1.50 hot dog and drink package was something that was always hard for me to refuse, especially considering that it included unlimited drink refills and featured Hebrew National hot dogs and Polish sausages.

At least, it *did* feature Hebrew National way back in the day. Now it looks like they have changed to some Sinai Kosher brand, which I understand to be a result of Costco ditching its old Price Club legacy.

Well, after having slathered deli mustard and onions on top of it all, I couldn't quite taste the difference anyway. I guess I'm just fascinated with cheap hot dogs (not to mention ballpark-style onion dispensers), regardless of how it tasted.


Chubbypanda said...

$1.50 hot dogs for teh win!

The guys from my office go for those hot dogs about once a week. It helps week eating out costs down while still getting us out of our cubes.

abraxis said...

We refer to Costco hot dogs as "Club 150".

"What's up for lunch?"

"Going to Club 150, wanna go?"

"sure. Let's eat!"

Stella said...

OMG! this hot dog really brings back memories when i was in USA for a 3+ year work stint! I will visit COSTCO every week to check out all the stuff!
I miss COSTCO so much !

Anonymous said...

Stopping by a co-workers office or workplace about noon ... Jueet jeet? Na,nyet. Well, Squeet. Arite. (Translation from Western NC - Did you eat yet? No, not yet. Well, lets go eat. OK.) Normally meaning a quick hot dog. Most people around here like them with mustard, chille, slaw and onions, washed down with a soda.I buy Hebrew National for home consumption, and use them for beans and franks but most hot dog places around here use a blander dog, like Ball Park, without much flavor, and rely on the toppings for taste ( beef chilie, coleslaw, mustard, onions, sweet relish, etc...) About the ony time you see a plain dog like in your picture is at a stadium event or fair. I was buying lowfat dogs for a while, until an acquintence (wont say friend) pointed out that if I ate four of them, I was kind of defeating the purpose. I now limit myself to two regular dogs, all the way (mustard, chilie, slaw, onions). I do drink diet soda though, and leave off the chips. I have tried "Sabarettos's" but found them to garlicky for my taste. Like your blog.

sh said...

hi there, do you know if we can get hebrew national hot dog here in singapore?