Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swiss Chalet, Toronto, Canada

Classic Quarter Chicken

I hate chain restaurants. But after a long flight today, I just needed something quickly to fill the belly before collapsing into my hotel bed, and one of these Swiss Chalets was conveniently nearby. Besides, it was a Toronto-initiated chain, so I might as well try it out, right?

I ordered a quarter of their popular rotisserie chicken (the name of the restaurant apparently came from the architecture rather than the food), but my jaw just dropped when this plate came out. Did I step into a high school cafeteria or something? This looked so institutionalized and lifeless that hospital flashbacks came running back to me.

Well, don't judge a book by its cover, right? I was hoping that maybe the taste would surprise me, and that maybe the famed Chalet Sauce on the side would save it. But alas, it was still bland and uninspiring. Even the salad made me feel like I was eating at a mess hall or something. Well, at least the service was prompt and the food was healthy. Taste-wise though, Nando's and Zankou have set the roast chicken bar so high for me that everything else just pales in comparison.


Ben said...

swiss chalet sucks.. i'm from singapore living in toronto. if you are still here, let me know and i'll let you know where to dine..

for a good fine dining meal, check canoe by oliver bonacini or chiado out.

bma said...

Yes, please do offer tips - preferably for hole in the walls and/or anything unique to the area (or even broader Canada).

You know me...I am very anti-table linens. Thanks in advance!

bma said...

BTW, tips on where to get a good salad around here are appreciated too. It's not easy to get one back in Singapore. Thanks again!

mama bok said...

Wow..!! you are in canada..?? still..?? well if you are around .. Halifax or Yarmouth area.. nova scotia.. give me a shout..!! i'll try and even go up to halifax to meet up with you .. despite the fact that i'm recovering from my surgeries.

mama bok said...

Yah..!! swiss chalet suxs..!! try .. Jack Astor if they have one in Toronto. We do have one in Halifax.. and the food is pretty good.

In-Jaul said...

Most chains aren't very good here in Toronto. What parts of town are you working in? Congee Wong (the one at Finch and Leslie in the north) is good if you're looking for Chinese. Mezes on the Danforth (east of the core) is good for Greek. Give us an idea of what part of town you're in.