Friday, September 22, 2006

Zankou Chicken, West LA

1/4 dark meat plate from Zankou Chicken

I'm normally not a huge fan of that light and healthy fast-food rotisserie chicken that is so common around LA (think: Koo Koo Roo), but this is one huge exception. Actually, I don't know if this is really considered "healthy" or not, but it is rotisserie, and it is darned f*ckin' good. My last time at their shop in Glendale was ages ago, and it looks like they have now expanded to West LA (1716 S. Sepulveda Blvd just south of Santa Monica Blvd, 310-444-0550). This is allegedly Armenian chicken, although I think they started in Lebanon before going over to Hollywood. Indeed, they also had those rotating schwarma/kebab spits here (did anyone watch Gordon Ramsay's F-Word a few weeks ago when they went to the kebab factory?).

Grilling schwarmaAnyway, the reason why this place kicks so much a$$ is because of the chicken itself. It is moist, tender, greasy, and salty all at the same time, and just completely knocks me off my feet. And to supercharge this even more, they provide this garlic sauce to go with it, bringing it to another plane altogether. The sauce is perhaps the most memorable (they call it "legendary"), but the sheer fact that this doesn't even require the sauce to be outstanding is a testament to how amazing this really is. I don't even remember them providing the hummous or the pickles last time...maybe that's because my memory of the chicken just made everything else pale in comparison. Rock on.

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