Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boy Bawang Cornick from the Philippines

Boy Bawang Cornick Garlic Flavor

Cool...a Pilipina colleague of mine went home to Manila last weekend. She knew how much I loved Chicacorn, so she brought back a bag of this competing Boy Bawang stuff.

I heard that this stuff was supposed to be a bit different from Chicacorn, but I couldn't detect the difference. It was still the same wonderfully greasy, salty, and and spicy (not to mention dragon breath-inducing treat) that I remember from the other bag. Rock on!


Anonymous said...

glad to know you like it. it's my favorite msg laced snack.

Tokyoite said...

i love your blog!!! i agree anthony has the best job in the world haha! i also like andrew zimmerman(?), the bizarre foods guy. he has a lot of guts haha!

boy bawang IS good. =)

Nina said...

i love boy bawang :)


annettemarie! said...

worrrd. i buy it buy the bagful. i can only eat it in the fire escape or by the window (my roommate hates the smell) but it is SO worth it.