Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nathan's Famous in Las Vegas

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs

OK, as long as we were doing both hot dogs in Vegas and New York transplants in Vegas, then we might as well combine the two and visit a New York hot dog transplant in Vegas. Nathan's was of course the place behind the hot dog eating contest, and for some reason, they had stalls all over Las Vegas.

We grabbed a couple just to see what they were like, and I was pleased to find that I liked them a lot. This was mainly due to the dog's crispy exterior, but also due to the tasty meat inside. While I certainly can't fathom eating more than 50 in one go like those hot dog eating contestants, the fact that these dogs taste decent certainly makes it easier to comprehend.

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ESD said...

Damn... this reminds me of living in Brooklyn and riding the Q train to the end of the line at Coney Island to eat a Nathan's hotdog on the boardwalk...