Monday, May 19, 2008

Mini Egg Tarts from Yan Palace

Mini Egg Tarts

I don't often eat dim sum in Singapore, so this place (531 Upper Cross Street #01-49 at the Hong Lim Complex) was a new one to me. I wouldn't go nuts over any of the food, but it did the job. I suppose that I rather enjoyed their little cups of porridge with those refried bits of yio tiao on top.

As with most dim sum though, just be prepared for that pork-lard-induced food coma that strikes afterwards.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog and it's really good, so I thought I'd recommend a place to you. Suan Thai in Liang Court, around Clarke Quay area. It's very good, the garlic prawns and satay are delicious, to name a few. Try it!

Alex said...

Mmm dim sum. Only real one I ever ate at was in Bangkok but oh man was it ever great. I hear you loud and clear about the food coma though.

Genie said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I have to say I am enjoying it very much.

I get to go to Yum Cha this weekend and am looking forward to the "pork-lard-induced food coma".

Anonymous said...

The captain at this restaurant is very rude. Gonna humilated by him at least two times. Thought he is no longer there after so many years. So we went this place again. He shouted at us

Anonymous said...

The captain there is very rude. Got humilated by him at least two times. Thought after so many years he will leave. So we went there again. So got humilated again.