Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hotpot from Ba Yu Ren Jia

Sichuan Mala Hotpot

Here's the hotpot from Ba Yu Ren Jia. The taste of the broth and such worked, but the quality of the meat couldn't quite hold up to our liking. Spotty service and air conditioning made this a bit of a painful experience too. Either that, or we've lost a bit of our taste for this brutely spicy and oily dish. Somehow my mouth still waters when I look at it though.


Kathy said...

The opposite of brutishly spicy Sichuan food seems to be Heng Hwa (or Putien) food. Found this grubby stall in a coffeeshop near the Waterloo Street temple serving Heng Hwa tze char.

It's on the first level of the HDB flats and is hidden at a corner stall in the second coffeeshop, in between the other two.

Their tofu (in seaweed chowder) is grainy, not the usual type we get in restaurants. Order the (dry) Heng Hwa fried meehoon, it has this subtle sweetness.

If the heat gets to you, the "posh" looking Pu Tien at Kitchener Road is pretty good too.

Pp said...

Probably they were not in the mood to serve thanks to the devastating tremor hitting their homeplace in Sichuan.