Friday, March 28, 2008

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi, Narita Airport

Arashi Shio Ramen - with a clove of raw garlic and spicy chives that I tossed on

Mmm...that was tasty. This outlet at the airport (Fifth Floor of Terminal 1, 0476-33-5920) was a good chance for us to try out the chain's goods before heading inside to clear immigration today. I loved the smooth and tasty broth of my shio ramen, although only did I realize later that they offered some bowl dedicated to garlic, which I'll have to try next time.

Meanwhile, I clumsily threw an entire clove of raw garlic into my bowl, which can fuel some major dragon breath for people on the plane to appreciate. Either way, I'm definitely hitting these guys again on my next run out of Narita. Thanks again for the tip!


Kathy said...

Glad you liked the ramen. Thanks for the wonderful blog you have! Keep eating! The beer museums are interesting.

Is that pickled spring onion in the picture? It looks like kimchi.

Leonard said...

Do you go to San Francisco often?
I'm a Singaporean now living in San Diego.
I just visited SF and ate one of the best ramen i've ever had. Think its even better than the ones i had in Tokyo.
Anyways, its in Japan Town, in the Japan Cultural center. It's called Sapporo Ramen and it serves authentic handmade ramen from Hokkaido. The shoyu soup base was excellent. You should definitely go try it out

Anonymous said...


do you remember how much this bowl of ramen costs?

Anonymous said...

Next time you go to Arashi, you have to try the gyoza and the garlic fried rice if they have it there. There's also a cold ramen during summer season...sooo good. For gyoza, you gotta make the dipping sauce (they have it there). Put a little bit of the orange oil, then garlic soy sauce (shoyu), and then add crushed garlic (you have to ask for the garlic). Enjoy!