Monday, March 24, 2008

Kijouyu Udon from Narita Airport

Kijouyu Udon

Seeking a quick snack before getting onto the train into the city, we stopped at this random noodle shop up on the fifth floor of Narita Airport today. It was the first time I'd heard of kijouyu udon, which was served cold with soy sauce, grated daikon, and sliced leek. It was also supposed to come with a local fruit called sudachi, but it looked like they gave me a plain lemon wedge instead. Either way, it tasted just like it sounded: refreshingly light and spruced up with a tart citrus taste, all of which went great with the shop's firm handmade noodles. That hit the spot.


Kathy said...

Hey if you are flying to North America after this, you could try this ramen joint at 5F of Narita's Terminal One. It's called Kagetsu.

They are a chain store branch which does a thinner version of Hakata-style ramen.

Looking forward to Tokyo posts!

bma said...

Oh fact I noticed Kagetsu yesterday, as it was diagonally across from this very udon shop (which, now that I have looked it up, appeared to have been called Jitsuen Teuchi Udon Kineya).

We'll see how much time we have on the way out but will keep it in mind (the garlic clove ramen sure sounds good). Thanks for the tip!