Saturday, February 02, 2008

Golden Pillow 933, Singapore

Golden Pillow Curry Chicken Bun

This was interesting. This place's (1 Kaki Bukit Road #05-11, 6323-8933) signature item is some kind of a "golden pillow bun" that is filled your choice of curry, which initially sounded to me like a Singaporean version of that sourdough bread bowl from San Francisco. But it was actually quite different. First off, this thing was at least two to three times bigger than those single-servings of clam chowder, so this definitely needs to be shared. More importantly, this wasn't as simple as boring out a hole in a loaf of bread and then scooping soup into it. Instead, this loaf has the curry placed inside before baking, thus trapping it inside from the start.

Opening up the breadWhen you get it, it looks like a giant loaf of bread, but when you cut into it, you find a warm curry sitting inside (in paper and plastic), which you can dump out into a bowl on the side and then dip your bread into.

I figured that this was all just a big gimmick, and that it wouldn't really taste that much different from any ol' roti prata with a curry dip. But I ended up really liking this because the food tasted pretty good. The curry was just spicy and rich enough to be exciting without being excessive, while the chicken and potatoes were tender enough to want more (despite me wanting to focus on the curry only at first). And how was the bread? It was...well, pillow-like; a bit like King's Hawaiian but less sweet. The good thing is that they deliver, and the bread/curry combo stays nice and warm on the way to your place. Just be prepared to go comatose on your couch afterwards given all of the rich curry and bread.

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