Friday, October 05, 2007

Robataya Yoyogi at The Pier

Kurobuta Kashira

This (80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-04, 6733-2711) is apparently the sister restaurant of Yoyogi across the street, but in robatayaki style, complete with the central grill, fresh ingredients, and paddles. There was definitely no shortage of selections here.

We grabbed quite a few items, nearly all of which fared pretty well. But the item that stuck out the most was the kurobuta kashira cheeks. I suppose that anything made from kurobuta is bound to be good, but all of the tasty pork fat lightly charred by a flame really lit up this skewer. The shiitake was also delightfully fragrant.

Thumbs up for this place (it was better than I thought it would be). But just be sure to get some money ready beforehand since all of these little things can really add up.

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Peace/Piece of Mind said...

You take really good food pics! Nice close-ups with good composition. The food appears extra appealing. Makes me think of home (Singapore), especially since i'm half the world away.

What phone camera do you use? I tried to take close up with my Sony Ericsson but it's not fantastic. I carry a fujifilm camera around with me to take food shots of stuff i eat instead.

Enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks!