Sunday, August 05, 2007

Revisiting Waraku

Asupara Maki

I haven't been back to Waraku ever since that disappointing shabu shabu special that they had a while back. Well, we happened to be in the neighborhood today, so needing a quick cheap meal, we stopped in.

Demigurasu HanbaaguIt was pretty much what I expected; while much better than the last time we were here, it still wasn't anything to go nuts over. Witness the asupara maki, which looked decent at a quick glance, but I wish the bacon were more evenly scorched (interestingly, the asparagus was sliced longitudinally and bundled together). I also ordered demigurasu hanbaagu from their list of specials, which again wasn't anything I'd go nuts over, although admittedly it was delicate enough for me to still inhale pretty quickly.

So it was pretty similar to my first go at this place a couple years ago: not mindblowing enough to go crazy for, but (in many cases) bearable enough to eat. At least it was cheap.

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