Sunday, August 21, 2005

Waraku Japanese Restaurant


This place was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting much (especially considering it has multiple locations around Singapore), but it proved to be OK. Not super great, but better than I thought it would be. The kawaebi karaage (little bite-sized shrimp) were deep fried just right, with just the right amount of an oil & salt combo taste...kinda like potato chips (but with a twist of lemon, and little crunchy antennae). The cold aimori zaru combination udon and soba was refreshing too (apparently this place is known for having good udon ?).

Next up was the okonomiyaki, which was much smaller than I was expecting, but still with all the requisite cholesterol bomb items: mayonnaise, grease, egg, pork, and of course the bonito flakes on top waving hello. Another grease bomb for the evening was the potato was so greasy that it wasn't clear if it were added butter or oil oozing out of the cheese. It sure tasted good though - especially the burnt bits on the edge of the platter.

The only letdown was the hamachi sashimi, which was actually a nice thick slice, but I've definitely had fresher. The garlic rice was OK too, but not a standout. Anyway, this place still beat my expectations (although I was a bit worried that nearly all the menu items I wanted were off the "special" menu rather than the standard one). I doubt I'll get cravings to come here, but I certainly won't kick and scream if someone twists my arm to eat here again.

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Jeremy said...

Food at Waraku is terrible. I take serious offence at these fly-by-night operators who set up chains of 'Japanese cuisine' restaurants who serve up terribly sub-standard excuses for the real McCoy. I'd rather go without Japanese food for a month and save up the money to go to a proper Izakaya.. Pft!