Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nyonya Bistro, VivoCity Food Republic

Deep Fried Nyonya Chang

No, I didn't mean to go on a deep-fried streak tonight. Those little hum chim beng things were not that filling, so I stopped by this other place that just so also happened to be serving some kind of a deep fried goodie (VivoCity Level 3, Stall 4). In this case, it was one of those Chinese leaf-wrapped sticky rice ball things (bak chang, is it?) with meat inside.

It turned out to be less greasy than I thought it would be, and the frying created a crunchy outside (a bit akin to yaki onigiri). Unfortunately, I wasn't a big fan of the stuffing inside as it was a bit sweet. The sambal sauce on the side didn't quite save it for me either, even if it was blazingly spicy.

I suppose that Peranakan food is still taking some time for me to get accustomed to. In principle this was a great idea though, and if the stuffing were just a little less sweet, then I'd be back again for another.


wilson said...

what is it about your job that you can travel about and eat anything? ie , it seems to me you can make money off havin' fun!

ha, well i'm a poor undergrad, what can i say...

great blog btw, keeps me comin' back for the pics.

my other favs: and

Koala Bear said...

FYI: Nonya Changs are supposed to be sweet.