Friday, June 29, 2007

Lan Zhou La Mian, Smith Street

Panfried Dumplings

This was a place (19 Smith Street, 6327-1286) just a few doors down from Hometown that we randomly walked into not long ago. I didn't have a great impression of it that time (if memory serves, their red oil dumplings were unnecessarily sweet), but things were a bit better today now that we ordered different items. The panfried dumplings were generally crispy and featured a decently tasty stuffing, while the hot & sour soup noodles tasted...well, like noodles in hot & sour soup.

Hot & Sour Soup NoodlesWhile I wished that those noodles were a bit springier, they still did the job, and I did like the base of the hot & sour soup. Even the chicken chop noodles, something that didn't sound nor look particularly appealing to me, featured a surprisingly crispy yet tender (and tasty) chicken that I didn't mind too much. These weren't runaway hits (and it's been a while since I've been to the Dumpling Nazi so I am struggling to make a valid comparison), but at least it was better the second time around.


Kathy said...

Hey did they have Lanzhou La Mian in the shop?

What distinguishes Lanzhou La Mian is the broth, it is clear soup with a rich meaty taste, a little like pho soup in appearance.

All it needs are sprigs of cilantro , and it usually doesn't come with much ingredients other than little bits of meat.

The best and most authentic can be found in little dnghy shops and are made by Chinese Muslims in who have made a home in the big Chinese cities. They do go back to their hometown during Ramadan so you've been warned!

Jasper said...


in reference to your earlier posts, any idea where I can get mac n cheese off the supermarket shelves? I cant seem to find the Kraft velveeta ones i so adored.

ClearTear said...

Hey this restaurant is one of my regular dinner place cos jus a distance from my office at temple st.

I find it pretty nice for its very affordable price and i prefer their Zha Jiang Mian. Their Spring Onion Pancake is not too bad too.

They use to give me free hot & sour soup ($1) when i go there quite often. I must say its quite good for a simple dinner after work.

life said...

I like this place coz the food is not too bad and not too expensive. Have become a sort of regular there since it early days and the staff there can recognise us. Simple food but nice.

What you should also try are the Shrimp fried rice and crispy tofu. The tofu is very soft inside.

Also, some of the desserts like red bean pancake and 高丽沙球 (deep fried egg white balls with red bean paste) are not bad too.