Sunday, June 24, 2007

Buono Pizzabar & Ristorante

Buono Pizza

Hey that was pretty good. We grabbed the namesake pizza from this place today (27 Lichfield Road, 6733-5646) as a quick afternoon snack, and it was quite enjoyable. The ingredients were what made it work: it was dressed in a pleasantly rich cream sauce yet still featured cuts of cherry tomato, mushroom, and sausage, all on a fairly thin and crunchy crust. The full length of the rucola leaves made eating these slices a bit cumbersome, but that was just a minor nuisance.

I haven't tried anything else here, but I'd easily come back if I'm up near Serangoon Gardens again. Sure, there's an outlet of Spizza not far away (or even Devon's Daddy if I want to go really casual)...and I do like those places too. But based upon the strength of this dish alone, I suspect that there are going to be even more goodies in store on the menu here. Thumbs up!


+30nabit said...

we were pleasantly surprised with this place. Another angmoh out in the 'burbs!!
The crust isnt the thinest but that's what i liked about it cause it had some bite to it.

su ann said...

Hi u shud check out Skinny Pizza at Suntec City :) we recommend the portobello and the one loaded with pumpkins :)