Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yakitori from Tomton at Central


Here's just a few a la carte yakitori selections from Tomton, whom I didn't even realize had a grill...or is this unique to their new location at the Central? Anyway, these were fine (even if the lady got my order wrong), but clearly the main focus was still the tonkatsu, so we went ahead and also got several cuts of pork, including the shio katsu don.

Perhaps more interestingly, we only came here because Marutama was completely packed today. I definitely don't mind this place as a fallback though.

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denise said...

I beg to differ. I went to Central intending to try something different having tried Marutama (and slurped up every drop of the soup). We stopped at Tomton and decided to try the set lunch. Totally regretted it. Serving size was small, soup stock was shockingly devoid of taste. We asked the mainlander waitress if we could order a side order of pork loin tonkatsu as it wasn't on the menu as an item alone. There was a pork fillet tonkatsu for $5.50 so we assume it wouldn't be a stretch for them to fry up a loin instead. she didn't seem to get it at first but later nodded.

So it came and we ate it. When the bill came, we had a rude shock. That little piece of meat was $21.50. We asked another english-speakign waitress to explain and she couldn;t so she got the manager. She pointed out that it was the grade A black pig etc and that if we had ordered a set (rice, pickles, soup and watermelon) it would have been 'cheaper' at $25. taht's not thte point! The first waitress should not have assuemd that we wanted the top grade pork and should have indicated the price to us.

That lousy meal was $70. We left feeling hungry and cheated and went over to Marutama and shared a bowl of ramen with pork belly and egg. It was most satisfying and worth every cent.