Friday, February 02, 2007

Udang Goreng Tauyu Lada from Blue Ginger

Udang Goreng Tauyu Lada

Here is Blue Ginger's udang goreng tauyu lada, a house specialty of "sauteed prawns with pepper in sweet dark soya sauce." I normally am not a huge fan of that dark sweet soy-sauce, but this surprisingly worked for me. I guess it reminded me a bit of that alternative sauce for satay that I liked.

Anyway, this was just another one of our usual bring-a-visitor-to-try-local-food-in-a-nice-spot-near-the-office lunches, so we got the usual items in addition to this new one for me. The good thing is that Blue Ginger is still the same great place for us to continue to take out-of-towners to.

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