Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pontian Wanton Noodles, Hougang Plaza

S$3 Wanton Mee featuring extra fried wontons

We were wandering through the food court at Hougang Plaza today when we came across this stall commanding quite a long line, not to mention all sorts of commercialized signage buzzing with phrases like, "the most popular handmade wanton noodles," "traditional secret recipe," and "probably the best in town, selling over 1,000 bowls per day in Malaysia." All of this suggested to me that maybe this place was overhyped, but nonetheless, I gave into curiosity and gave it a shot.

It was better than I thought it would be. The noodles were super firm and the deep fried wontons paired up very well with the mayo in the squeeze bottle. The portions were on the smaller side, but that was enough for me, lest I get sick of it too quickly.

One other thing these guys boasted about was that "kept or packed noodles won't soften," and indeed, a number of the folks in front of me were ordering a bunch of bowls to go. I guess that I wouldn't mind coming back here again.


Anonymous said...

The famous Pontian Wanton mee at Pontian is called 8383. This one has no branches or franchisee. There is another famous one which did, the Hougang one could be from from the other stall.

I thought you don't like food that are sweet (I might be wrong), Pontian Wanton mee uses chilli and ketchup for the sauce.

And if a Malaysian ever tell you that only in Spore that ketchup is eaten with noodles, the person has not eaten Pontian wanton mee.

Anonymous said...

they have another branch at heeren(hmv) 5th level,its cheap and tasty only $2.80 and its in orchard road :)

pammie said...

I've never tried their wanton mee b4 but i would like to recommend you the wanton mee from Amoy Street Food centre. Thing the shop name is Tai Seng or sth, located next to the SgKueh stall on the second floor. They are very generous with their servings. For 3 bucks, you get a plate of noodles with lotsa char siew. The char siew is not like those typical thinly sliced ones but they are chopped on the spot into chunks and its not 1 2 or 3 but lots and lots n lots of char siew. haha. Plus, you get a few fried wantons and a big bowl of wantom soup with 10 wantons inside! Do expect a long queue though. Usually sold out by 2pm.