Saturday, February 17, 2007

Peking a can??

Peking Duck in a can

Here in Singapore, it's important every year to make a quick run to the supermarket a few days before the long Chinese New Year holidays start to stock up on food, given that nearly everything shuts down (aside from the Indian and Malay places...and ugh - McDonald's).

On this year's run, I came across something peculiar on the shelves though: Peking a can (and "with sauce" too). I didn't buy it, but I can't exactly imagine that this would include that delicious crispy skin that makes this world-famous dish so distinctive. Has anyone ever tried this canned stuff?


Sandy, 샌디 said...

Hope you managed to survive the loooong CNY holiday.

I've enjoyed reading your blog and all the places where you've been dining.

Thanks for all those food reviews ; )

Anonymous said...

tastes wonderful with porridge, bee hoon or noodles. u must try it!!!