Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bun Bo Hue from Pho House, Suntec

Bun Bo Hue

I once ate at this place (Suntec City Mall #03-008, 6820-2455) a long time ago. And while I didn't necessarily remember anything bad about it, I didn't necessarily remember anything so good about it that drew me back here either. Still, I came back tonight thanks to a number of comments posted recently about it. One would think that the obvious choice here would be the namesake bowl of pho, but something else on the menu caught my eye tonight: the bun bo hue, which is supposed to be from the Hue region of Vietnam and based on pork as well as beef. I'd never had it before, so I gave it a shot.

Unfortunately, I couldn't really distinguish this from a normal bowl of pho. Aside from the deep fried shallots, some slightly thicker meat, and a mildly heartier broth, this basically seemed like the same thing to me. Is this all there is? I thought that this was supposed to be a spicy soup or something.

Well, I don't know if this was considered to be very authentic or not (I really need to spend a bit more time in Vietnam one of these days), but honestly, this still wasn't so exciting for me to want to come back right away. Maybe I should just try the normal pho next time. Meanwhile, my preference is still for Song Trang and Viet Inn. Note to self: don't come here on a weeknight after work unless you want to endure those heinous taxi lines at Suntec again.


carcar said... second time here, can't help and want to leave my comment :P

the bun bo hue looks really yummy to me, will give it a shot if i go to suntec!

Anonymous said...


It is supposed to be spicy, with plenty of lemongrass in it. If tastes just like pho then then whoever made it was waaayy off.