Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hue Restobar, Amara Singapore

Some salad and rice paper rolls

These guys on the first floor of the Amara Hotel (6879-2555) like to point out that the restaurant's name is pronounced "Hway" in Vietnamese. I'd been here a few times for just drinks, but this is the first time we'd tried the food for lunch.

It started off well, with some fresh salads and rice paper rolls, as well as a very tasty lemongrass chicken and these little interesting ceramic cups with some sort of mashed rice paste in it or something. But it took a downward turn after that. The pho was one of the most bland that I'd ever had, and the fish-like things on the sugar canes were disappointingly soggy. Oh well. Maybe some of the starter snacks would make a good companion to drinks on another occasion.

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