Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thaksin Beef Noodle, Clementi

The S$5 Supreme version of Thaksin Beef Noodle

Hey that wasn't too bad. This was a suggestion from a while back (449 Clementi Ave 3 #01-211 with other locations at Harbourfront, Tampines, and Woodlands). It came together nicely, as if the freshness of basil and bean sprouts (and rice noodles, if you choose them here, that is) of Vietnamese pho met the dark beef cubes broth of Taiwanese beef noodle soup. The texture of the meat was almost corned beef-like, in fact. I liked it (and I couldn't help at chuckle a bit at their tagline: "we're bullish about beefing you").

One interesting thing I think I noticed though (can anyone please verify?) was that the S$5 (US$3.10) "Supreme" version that comes with a touch of garlic garnish on top that the standard S$3.50 (US$2.20) version does not have (among other things) that made the S$5 version much, much better. In fact, the broth in the S$3.50 version seemed downright boring compared to the S$5 version, even though I would have thought they used the same stuff (either that, or I just got tired of the broth by the time I got to my second bowl). Well, you've got a full armament of the usual Thai condiments of sugar, fish sauce, vinegar, and dry chili pepper flakes at your disposal to do with as you please should you wish to give it more of a kick. Thumbs up for me - thanks!


Chubbypanda said...


- Chubbypanda

hugewhaleshark said...

Hey, you were in my neighbourhood!

That coffeeshop is well known for its Malay food, featuring good stuff like mee soto (with kicking chilli sauce) and longtong; and the "Brothers" rojak stall.

CT said...

Being a Muslim, having this kind of dish available for our consumption is such a joy.
I relish eating the variety of beef types (brisket, tripe, lean meat etc)and vegetables (bean sprouts, kangkong, basil) and even the kick-a** condiments that can easily make ur eyes smart.
I tried to make the soup at home using 'ba kut teh' spices but the results, well it's nowhere near there. I wonder what else they use? Beef marrow???
Guess I have to keep coming back. Somehow I like the one prepared at the Harbourfront branch. Maybe it's got to do with the portion.

john wong said...

Thaksin is nice. Good Thai style beef noodle. But I like the new Taiwan beef noodle stall at Holland Drive Food Centre best. The beef are super tender and the soup is so fragrant. Pity they don't give enough chilli sauce - as they are quite stingy with it.