Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cafe Banh Mi Contemporary Vietnamese Cuisine

Honey Glazed Pork Sandwich

Not long after discussing the arrival of a banh mi shop in Singapore, we noticed this place (#01-15 China Court, 6538-9985) at China Square Central. I stopped by here today to grab a quick sandwich before my next meeting.

It wasn't that quick. To my surprise, they took a very long time, which is rather uncommon for banh mi that is usually assembled with Subway-like efficiency. Only when they brought it out did I realize that the reason for the delay was because they were actually grilling the meat on the spot, and bringing it to me hot. And to their credit, the meat did turn out very tasty.

It wasn't quite the banh mi that I was used to though. Instead, this thing had lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers in there, presumably an after-effect of being "contemporary Vietnamese." The pretty plates here further helped to reinforce that, although fortunately the prices weren't too snotty. Well, the taste of the meat was good enough on its own right to make me like it, but I still have yet to find a more traditional banh mi place in Singapore.


Shionge said...

Hmm....thanks for that, shall check it out coz I am a bread person ya!

Anonymous said...

i am sure that u have had the true vietnamses style of banh mi before. vietnamese banh mi always has cucumber dressings but not tomatoes. This type of banh mi deviates from the usual one actually. In vietnam, it comes together with a balck salty sauce. The normal banh mi always has pate but this type doesnt... simple, crunchy and tasty... What makes it stand out is that the meat is grilled on spot therefore it is hot and special. Other types of banh mi are usully served cold.

yuli said...

Hey, I'm new to SG & has a craving for a good bahn mi like I used to have in Chicago. Hv u find better bahn mi since this entry? looks like this bahn mi doesnt hv the signature daikon radish filling.