Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Couple More From Piper's Pies

Beef Bacon and Cheese Pie

Here's just a couple more pies from Piper's Pies. The sesame-encrusted one is their Beef, Bacon, and Cheese Pie, which came out steaming hot with a great bacon aroma, not to mention a flaky buttery crust. Nice one.

Beef and Potato Pie, or a Shepherd's Pie as they name it hereWe also grabbed their Beef and Potato Pie, which had a mashed potato encrusted top, thus allowing them to also call it a Shepherd's Pie. This one was a bit disappointing as it had been sitting around for a while, and lacked the smoky aroma of the bacon in the other pie (interestingly, it featured tomato slivers in the stuffing). It'd probably be pretty good if it were still warm from the oven though.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
My friends and I read your blog and we totally dig the brutally honest reviews you give! There're just too many crappy eateries out there in SG. I went to Purvis St for Chuan today but in its place was this Spurs Supporters Club (duhh). Sorely disappointed I came home to trusty old google and no new add could be found. Do you the regular Chuan go-er happen to know where it has gone to?
Thanks...and keep enjoying the foods - everyone loves a man with a hearty appetite!

Anonymous said...

Hi - Just a 'report' on my trip to piper's for your reference.

Great blog btw...i read it religously!
Went to pipers on a wet friday, looking forward to a nice piping hot beef pie. Having spent 5 years in Sydney, am of the opinon that that best way to judge a pie shop is the beef pie. Had the other variants take away before this, but decided that a beef pie would make of break this place for me.

Well, 1st and formost the plain beef pie ($6!!) was COLD. Not lukewarm, but ICE COLD. Secondly, I was pleasently surprised when the girl at the counter asked me what sauce i wanted (as they do in pie shops in Sydney), but was deeply dissapointed when instead of a squeeze bottle came out packets of tomato sauce!

The filling was ok, not great but one of the better ones i've had here. But the combination of a cold pie, tearing those silly packets and the price just totally turned me off.

Anonymous said...

man u sure do love ur pies!!!

totally hate it when food promised isnt food delivered, especially when this place is called 'authentic aussie HOT pies'.

but seriously ive had their pies at raffles place and raffles city, as i work nearby at caltex house, and they make me feel right at home. beef bacon and cheese goes down a treat, but my fav has to be the chicken white wine, closely followed by the tandoori lamb. the chicken white wine with its chunks of breast and thigh meat and a white wine cream sauce. the tandoori lamb being a flavour treat with chunks of braised lamb accompanied with a kind of yoghurt dressing on the side....mmmm.

do urself a favour, go eat pie!