Monday, July 24, 2006

Some Random Issan Place on Ploenchit

Namtok moo

Mmm. We originally went to go look for the Northeastern Issan place that we missed last night when randomly we came across this place on Ploenchit at Wittayu/Wireless Road (that interestingly was closed all weekend). My local colleague mentioned to me that it looked like this place also served Issan food as well, so we figured that we'd give it a try. He'd never been here either, but not a word of English was to be seen, so fortunately he ordered away for me.

We ordered a barrage of items, ranging from the larb to some pork thing and a seafood thing, and of course, papaya salad. He also ordered something he called a soup with "bones that you can eat." I wasn't sure what that meant, but curiosity struck, so I told him to order away. When it was brought over, it turned out that it was basically some kind of pork cartilage or something (I guess some might call it gristle...and I'm not talking about that stuff at the bottom of the pan after cooking bacon). Admittedly that wasn't for me (and the strange tasting leaves in it didn't help), but I sure liked the larb.

More importantly though, we ordered the namtok, which was the salad that I loved from the other night (although tonight it was pork). Mmm...I could eat this all day (despite how salty it is)...and again, it's only available from Northern-style restaurants. This place got pretty packed with locals after a while too, so it was probably the real deal. Unfortunately since it was all in Thai, I couldn't even begin to tell you the name of it, but it was at the southeastern corner of Ploenchit and Wittayu. If you see a lady selling noodles in the alleyway, then this is the place on the eastern side of her alley. I don't know how else I would describe it, but I would recognize it if I saw it with the wood-trimmed cooking station jutting out into the street.

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