Friday, July 21, 2006

Food on Khao San Road, Bangkok

Boiled rice pork chop

Quail EggsNot having had enough to eat from that airplane meal, we were quite tempted when we hit Khao San Road in Bangkok tonight, a bit of a backpacker hangout. The first thing that caught my eye right when we entered the area were the tiny little quail eggs being done sunny-side-up in little tako yaki-like grills. Cool. I picked up a little bowl of nine eggs for 20 Baht (US$0.50). Size aside, they didn't taste that much different from chicken eggs, but they sure were tasty thanks to the butter-basted grill and the Maggi sauce that they were doused in. Nice start.

Another barbequed corn ladyPad thai stalls were everywhere of course (as well as the occasional fruit, barbequed corn, and banana crepe places). But then I spotted some boiled rice pork chop thing that, to my surprise (and after adding some dry chili pepper flakes, fish sauce, and chili pepper condiments on the side), was actually like a rice soup that I'd had for breakfast in Phuket before, although this had little pork ribs in it that required a bit of subtle spitting of the bones somewhere so that it didn't look like littering or anything too grotesque.

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