Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Migas at Las Manitas Avenue Cafe

Migas Con Queso

Seeing that I didn't get the chance to try the migas at Las Manitas last time, I took advantage of it this morning by stumbling over there for breakfast. This wasn't too bad. The migas con queso, or "two eggs scrambled with crispy corn tortillas, topped with cheddar cheese and ranchero sauce, served with refried beans and two tortillas," was tasty without being excessively heavy, with strips of those crispy tortillas defining the texture. Just as with my last visit here, their hot sauce here wasn't super spicy, but all in all it was still good (and it's been ages since I've had freshly squeezed orange juice!).

As good as this was, I'm not a huge breakfast person, so I doubt I'll be making too much of an effort to come back to get this again. At least I've been able to try it. Apparently this Tex-Mex dish is actually closer to Mexican chilaquiles than Spanish migas, although I've never really had either so I can't really compare. But I guess that's one down, two to go.

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L Stegall said...

This is one of our favorite breakfast places in Austin. We live in Dallas, but my husband went to law school at UT and our son was a UT student who graduated in May, so we go down to Austin frequently. My husband (also a big foodie) says they have the best posole he has had and I like the potato or egg and onion tacos. Give it another try sometime.