Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tai Thai at the RBSC, Bangkok

Uh oh - it's chi-chi

This place (100 Rajdamri Road, 2251-1705) was a bit of a downer. Allegedly a rather glitzy place, being on the grounds of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, and billed as "Red Hot Spice & SeaFood," this sounded like it might have some promise. But once the first dish came out - deep fried big shrimp wrapped in noodles and stacked up against each other in a pyramid to look pretty - I started to get worried.

Indeed, most of the dishes here were a bit of a bore. They lacked the spiciness that we've all come to love about Thai food. And while some things were interesting, such as a giant prawn and glass noodle thing - almost like a mini-version Sin Huat's crab bee hoon in Singapore - I was bored and wanted to go walk down the street and find a street vendor instead.

Deep fried veggies with shrimpI think the only thing I got excited about was this deep-fried vegetable thing that reminded me of a similar thing that I had in Langkawi a number of years back. But this still paled in comparison, especially since its batter was a bit cruder compared to the one there. Oh well...there's always time for street food as a midnight snack later.

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