Thursday, June 09, 2005

Street food in Bangkok after midnight


After finishing work late, I knew I could find food on the streets of Bangkok up the street from the Hyatt, even after midnight. And lo and behold, the foodventures begin! I did a quick skim of the stalls available (hmmm...corn, skewered things, roasted chicken, papaya shavings, deep fried fish...oh what to eat, what to eat!). After a review, I grabbed a popular-looking stall (a sign of a good cook) for some pork tom yum. A huge bowl it was - filled with huge chunks of pork in spicy lemongrass broth (but no noodles that I was hoping for - darn I wish I knew some Thai). And all for 100 Baht (US$2.50). It was good - just like any other tom yum I've ever had in my just can't go wrong. Yum. (I love the toilet paper roll on the table, BTW.) So what's next? (Geez, I'm not even that hungry - I've had three meals for dinner tonight already!)


Ahh...burning skwered meat on a stick! That's gotta be tasty! Two sticks for 10 Baht (US$0.25), and tasty it was. I love how the guy put them in these homemade envelopes made from old newspaper - ha ha.

Can I eat more? Look at that guy selling those crepes - wow. And there's the corn lady! Oh geez I want them all but I'm so full! OK, I'll call it a night (no doubt partially fuelled by the fact that I realized separately today that I've outgrown several new pairs of pants and shorts - from a waistline perspective). There's always tomorrow to eat more yummy Thai treats. Thailand rocks!

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