Thursday, May 11, 2006

Late Night Street Food in Bangkok

Papaya SaladEven though I wasn't very hungry, I still had to come out later to get some street food after that bummer of a meal tonight. So I walked on down the street and grabbed a simple papaya salad. This wasn't as great as some others that I've had, but it did the job, especially when I didn't have much time to spare anyway. At least it was only a cheap 40 Baht (US$1), including a bottle (yes, a glass bottle) of Coke. And that includes the requisite free side of vegetables that is common in Thailand, despite the fact that I was already eating a salad.

I've gotta try these barbequed fish next timeNext time, I'm going to be sure to try one of these barbequed fish things that I saw at some of these stalls. These looked absolutely amazing - not only in the sense of being grilled on a flame - but there also appeared to be scallions (or lemongrass or something) shoved into it for releasing flavor while cooking on the fire. I'm not even quite sure how these are eaten, seeing that they decently big fish, but I'm going to find out next time.

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