Saturday, May 20, 2006

Kao Soi Gai at Nooch

Kao Soi Gai

Nooch (Paragon #B1-35, 6732-3313, with another location at Citylink) calls itself a "noodle bar" with a selection of Japanese, Thai, and local dishes. A lot of the dishes don't look that great, but I've always been a big fan of their kao soi gai. To be honest, I can't remember how this compared to the real deal that I had in Chiang Mai, but I do like the crispy noodles, oily chili pepper flakes on top (like the Cantonese stuff), and pickle/onion/lemon condiments here. I don't really ever veer from this at Nooch though - everything else here looks kinda nasty.

2 comments: said...

contrary to wot u said, i really like da food @ nooch!! never tried da kao soi gai u mentioned but i've tried a lot of other stuff and i must say, i really like da place!!

Kathy said...

Never thought there'll be anything edible in Nooch, the overhyped horror that it was when it was still at Wheelock years ago.

Still, Kao Soi is hard to find. One place I remembered was Le Meridien food court, a corner stall. I don't think they carry it there.

Some of the stalls there used to have pretty good Thai food, but those have since closed or changed chefs.