Monday, April 10, 2006

Bi Won Korean Restaurant

LA Kalbi

We randomly walked by this place (9 Duxton Hill, 6225-1141) tonight, originally intending to go to Xin Tao Yuan, but diverting here instead. I went straight for the "LA Kalbi," especially since I was excited that they offered a green onion "salad" which I hadn't seen around here too often. Unfortunately, I got my hopes up into thinking of the heavy-sesame-oil-tasting companion stuff at the Corner Place in LA...instead, this really was a salad with some sweet dressing on it. The kalbi itself was also rather sweet and soggy (albeit decently tasty in its own right).

So by and large, I probably won't come back. The food wasn't that bad (and I liked their kimchee), but it was just too overarchingly sweet for my taste.

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