Saturday, January 14, 2006

More Chaat from Raj

Basket Chaat

After all that oily food from China, I needed a good cleansing. So what better than some vegetarian chaat from Raj? We got the usual pani puri and paper masala dosa, but we also tried a couple new things too, like the basket chaat, which basically featured all the chaat tastes that we know and love, but all in this little deep fried basket-shaped thing (kinda like a Chinese bird's nest) and other crispy fried slivers on top for added texture. This was exactly what the doctor ordered, with its sour/spicy/sweet/salty flavors and a healthy dose of yogurt as a nice counterpoint. Yum.

Dhaniya Sada Dosa

Another great one was the dhaniya sada dosa, which is a dosa with a mildly spicy and sour coriander spread inside. I'd definitely like to get this one again, and I'm starting to prefer Raj over Bombay Woodlands.


Venitha said...

Ooooh, I love Bombay Woodlands, so I'm definitely going to have to try Raj. Yummy yummy chaat.

shakester said...

have you guys tried makaan mumbai? good for chaat and very 'bombay' food. havent been to Woodlands, but Raj is good stuff!

mel said...

i love Raj too! I love their mango lassi! Not been the one at syed alwi road but always go to the one at Biopolis. Nice place with reasonable pricing.