Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Muthu's Curry, Little India

I'm not a huge fan of South Indian food, but I was pretty impressed by the fish and chicken gravies today (and I learned today that gravies are always free at South Indian places due to all the rice consumption, but not at North Indian places). Maybe my expectations were too low, but I found those gravies mildly sour yet with a direct and decently spicy and rich flavor all at the same time. Nice!

Actually, the first time I came here (138 Race Course Road, 6392-1722), I was so let down, largely because I ignorantly ordered North Indian kebabs and expected them to taste like Bukhara. Instead, they were soft and mushy. To be honest, I ordered them again today since I didn't think I would like any of the food (I was here for a casual business lunch), but I ended up liking the South Indian gravies instead. Everything else was very boring though.

At least I learned afterwards that there are a couple tamarind-based South Indian things that I might like: pulli gravy and rasam, a thin sour soup. I didn't eat any of them today, but next time I have to come to a South Indian place, I'm gonna try to remember to order those.

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