Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pearl River Palace Restaurant

Peking Duck

I was impressed by this place. Tucked away on the third floor of the Suntec Convention Centre, it's not exactly a place that one would find great food. But every single dish in our Chinese banquet stunned me, starting with the Peking duck (tasty and delicate yet not greasy), to the shark's fin soup (full of flavor, delicate crab meat, and firm shark's fin - sorry, animal rights folks), through to everything else like a sesame encrusted chicken, which was borderline excessively salty but just enough to say "mmm...hey are you going to eat that?"

Maybe I just haven't had good Cantonese food in a while, but I was impressed with this place. If for some reason you ever need to host a nice lunch at Suntec Convention Centre, try coming here. I didn't find a single dish in our banquet that I didn't like.

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dimsumdolly said...

A place for good Cantonese food is this eatery in Geylang called Shatin Kitchen. I *think* it's along Lorong 23. I discovered it only recently and think it's such a gem of a place! No points for ambience, but who cares when the food is good???