Sunday, September 04, 2005

Another European Breakfast

Well, there you have it - another European breakfast of meat and cheese. This was by no means anything spectacular, especially considering it was served by our not-so-posh hotel here (it tasted like those presliced plastic deli lunch meat packages that we used to get at the supermarket, and was also clear that it was fruit cocktail from a can, complete with "heavy syrup"). I'm just posting it here since it was so "blah."

And perhaps most notably, they also claimed it was an American breakfast, and hence bacon and eggs. But as you can see, it was quite horrendously soggy - almost like trying to get bacon in Indonesia or Malaysia. Now, in those countries, I couldn't blame them being muslim countries and all. But I guess Italians don't really eat bacon like Americans do either. Oh well, when in Rome...

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