Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Teck Kee Wanton Mee Coffeeshop

I found this place through a taxi driver, who referred me to his late night haunt on the corner of River Valley and Zion Road...the former location of the Blue Cow (these outdoor places are called "coffeeshops" in Singapore - don't get an impression that this is like an air-conditioned Starbucks). It's definitely very different from the wanton mee from Hong Kong, but very good in its own right and probably one of the best in Singapore. It's sweeter than its Hong Kong counterpart with a different set of ingredients, such as char siew, veggies, chicken, mushrooms, greasy fried wantons, and a good chili sauce to taste, together with the obligatory noodles and soup. I got the S$6 (US$4) version, which meant "extra noodles," but I was still hungry for more. It's open late, so come by for a post drinking snack.

And always remember to ask taxi drivers where they eat themselves, as you know it will be good, cheap, and open late, as long as they are not getting a kickback from wherever they take you.


bma said...

Hey this place seems to have shut down recently. Oh well. They didn't really keep a clean place anyway (an upset tummy would be common after eating here), but maybe that's also why it was particularly good. :)

bma said...

Correction - looks like they are still around - just down the street near the hawker center across from Great World City instead