Monday, July 25, 2005

Gray's Papaya, NYC

Greys Papaya

This is another NY institution, with several locations. Apparently they started out serving papaya juice, and hence the name. But they eventually got their reputation from the hot dogs, which are a dirt cheap $0.95. I'm told that their dogs are custom made for them, which they grill tons at a time and makes for quite a sight.


I was never a big fan of NY hot dogs though (especially because of that red onion slop), as I prefer Chicago hot dogs instead (although without the relish). Actually, my choice is still reserved for Pink's in LA - as well as the little Mexican street stands that sell bacon-wrapped hot dogs with grilled onions...YUM.

Nonetheless, Gray's today was pretty good - the meat was tasty yet lean, and I didn't get the red onions on it (the sauerkraut was still good). The grilling is also a nice touch. I definitely don't mind eating it again.

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Anonymous said...

One thing I miss about NYC is the "Recession Special", 2 dogs and a drink (always "Coconut Champagne" for me) for $1.95.'s_Papaya