Tuesday, May 17, 2005


WOW - this one was a surprise. I normally am not a huge fan of sweets or bread, but WOW - this ROCKED. The best part was biting into the middle where the huge chunk of butter was sitting. Oh man, that was good.

I'm told this is a shop that started in Malaysia and is now slowly available in Singapore. And this is from a guy who normally doesn't like Malaysian food too much...with the possible exception of Ramly burgers. Actually, Rotiboy has the same element of Ramly burger that I am inevitably drawn to: a huge wad of grease dominating the taste (gotta love how that grease just oozes out onto the brown paper bag - ha ha). Yum. I'm definitely gonna be a repeat visitor of this one.


mel said...

I was wondering why i dont' seem to find reviews on sweets...not till I read this entry! Heh. I am a huge fan of sweets, can live with just chocolates, pastries, ice-cream, u name it.. Anyway, rotiboy is not tht popular nowadays...think it was early last year that almost every local bakery had a form of rotiboy in their deli. So guess it's just a fad...hmmm, think i'm gonna grab myself a Rotiboy later..heh.

nadster said...

a sign of good food... loooong snake-line outside the shop with LOADS of free aromas to spare. yums. we used to buy it buy the dozen. and it keeps well the day after too, so we always buy extras. although, it doesn't smell as good nowdays. you used to be able to sniff out the shop in any mall, but now you'd be lucky to catch a whiff at the cashier. rotiboy hit by fame? a likely recipe for disaster.

Steven said...

where did you buy this in sg?