Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mayo Fish??

Mayo Fish??

Something about this name is irritatingly disturbing to me.

Still, I gave in to curiosity and bought one (against my better judgment). It tasted like all those other bread shops in Asia - with a strange sweetness to the bread. This chain, Sun Moulin, appears to be a substore in Isetan supermarkets in Malaysia and Singapore.

I don't think I'll be returning.


Kathy said...

Give their dessert buns, ie: the sweet ones a try. They are much better than the savoury ones, which are a schiz mix to please Japanese and local ladies.

Anonymous said...

I am a local lady-and surely I can say the typical Japanese bread is unhealthy and the local taste, unfortunately, has been influenced by it. I prefer German bread - in fact, I owned a bread-maker while living in Japan, and baked my own high-fibre bread everyday.