Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Steamed Cod at Din Tai Fung Paragon, Singapore

Hong Kong Classic Steamed Cod Fillet with Superior Soy Sauce

So Din Tai Fung has some menu items that are exclusive to its Paragon outlet, like this steamed cod above. I hesitated a bit first given that it was going for a whopping S$26 (US$19). Still, it looked pretty darned good in their menu's photo, and it was black cod after all. So I took a leap of faith and placed an order.

Fortunately, it came out looking and tasting as good as it was depicted. It was delicately tender and tasty, especially with that very light soy sauce that it was steamed in. The garnishes worked well too, but only in moderation so as not to cover up the taste of the fish. S$26 was a lot, but it was worth it.

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