Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Joe's Pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


I needed some carbs to round out all of that shellfish and booze earlier, so I stopped at this pizza shop (216 Bedford Avenue, 718-388-2216), particularly since I saw some Zagat stickers on it. Only after looking it up just now did I realize that I'd been to their Greenwich Village location many years ago. My verdict is still the same: nothing mindblowing, but it had a very crunchy crust, and it was interesting to see all of the celebrity photos on the wall too.

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Makanmata said...

Welcome to New York City. Our food is much more humble than your part of the world, but there are some good things to eat here. For pizza, for slices, may I recommend to you Di Fara's on Avenue J in Brooklyn or Prince Street Pizza (square with Pepperoni is the specialty) in Soho and for round Lucali on Henry Street in Carroll Gardens or round coal oven style John's on Bleecker. I also think you would like Brindle Room in the East Village for the City's best hamburger and next time you are near the original Shake Shack, I would recommend instead Eisenberg's on 5th and 22nd for a better burger (patty melt style is best). Enjoy.