Friday, March 03, 2017

Restaurante Casa Vela in Valencia, Spain

Pimientos de Padrón y Esgarraet

If I heard it correctly, this place is from the descendants of a former jamón dealer (26 Carrer d'Isabel la Catòlica, +34-963-516-734). Anyway, it was one of the destinations in tonight's food tour. The Padrón peppers tasted as they should (in a good way), but what I was more curious about was the thing in the background: esgarraet, a popular Valencian dish of bacalao, red peppers, and olive oil. Admittedly it wasn't anything that exciting; I wish it were edgier with say, a slightly smoky or spicy tinge to it. Or maybe with a really punchy olive oil...or even just being super salty from the bacalao. But it was none of those things, and thus rather forgettable. Maybe I just haven't had the right rendition of it.

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