Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Korea's Vatos Express at Timbre+ in Singapore


Vatos Urban Tacos is a Korean-Mexican place from Seoul that has been in Singapore for a while now. But I had very little desire to go, mainly because I figured that I'd rather just go to one of the Kogi-affiliated places whenever I pass through LA instead.

Still, tonight I was at Timbre+ and noticed that they had opened a little "express" stall, taking over the old Damian D'Silva spot (73A Ayer Rajah Crescent #01-28). None of the other stalls looked appealing, whereas these guys had signs citing quotes like "Best Dish in Korea" and "Six Must-try Foods in Seoul" for their kimchi carnitas fries. If it was really that good, then I figured that I might as well try it then.

I regretted it. It was a mess of onions, kimchi, and pork with some sauce and pickled jalapenos on top of fries. I didn't even want to finish it (and I got a small portion!). I also got some tacos, neither of which were that exciting either, especially with those oddly smooth tortillas. I'm not going back.

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