Sunday, March 05, 2017

Gaststätte Atschel in Frankfurt, Germany

Vier Halbe Eier mit Grüne Soße

My layover was a good number of hours in Frankfurt today, so I went into town with an old friend. We went to the Sachsenhausen neighborhood just south of the river, as there were a number of shops there selling Apfelwein, a local apple cider, as well as some kind of green sauce made with herbs that was also unique to Frankfurt. Many of the shops weren't open until 5 PM, but these guys were open earlier (Wallstraße 7, +49-69-0619201.

I tried them both. The Apfelwein was sour with a bit of mustiness to it too; I wonder how different it would've tasted had I added soda water to it like others were doing. The egg plate above had the green sauce, which was also sour. It tasted fine and I finished it all, but what surprised me was that the sauce and eggs were stone cold, in stark contrast to the hot potatoes that were also on the plate.

Speaking of sour, there was one more thing that I got, the Handkäse mit Musik, or cheese that was covered in raw onions and some kind of vinegar. It tasted fine too, but I'd forgotten how many things in German cuisine are sour, including Sauerkraut, potato salad, and even mustard. I'm gonna have to go grab a pretzel and sausage at the airport or something.

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