Sunday, March 26, 2017

AFURI in Ebisu, Tokyo

Yuzu Shoyu Ramen

Somewhere during the course of conversation tonight, this shop came up. The original store's location (1-1-7 Ebisu, 03-5795-0750) was just a few minutes walk from the bar that we were at, and fortunately they were open until 5 AM. It was thus a no-brainer on where to go next.

They specialized in that yuzu ramen above, and I liked it much better than the one from Oreryu earlier today, as the yuzu taste was much more pronounced here. They didn't just put a few slices of rind on top like a topping; the whole broth had a citrusy taste to it, and I loved it. The aroma from that charcoal grilled slice of pork was a great touch, as were the thicker temomi men noodles that I upgraded to.

I would happily eat here again, although I need to remember to ask for the maroaji option of extra chicken oil rather than the normal tanrei option that I had today. I think I saw a sign for a basil and ume bowl that might be worth a try too.

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