Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nagoya's Menya Sakura in Singapore


This shop from Nagoya has opened in Singapore (69A Boat Quay, 8357-5080), although interestingly they seem to have more outlets in Indonesia than they do in Japan. And it didn't look too encouraging at first, especially given the spotty service and disappointingly frail and over-garlicked gyoza. But then the ramen came out, and it was much better than I was expecting. Actually, it was that little bowl of soup on the side that did it. It was crisp yet full of character, and with the tastiness of that oil pervading it. That soup alone is what's going to bring me back.

Next time though I need to remember three things: (1) first of all, get the soup version (and not the tonkotsu either). I'm assuming that the first item on the menu is the same broth that I had on the side. (2) get the free extra noodle portion. I was going to order it today but the staff was so distracted with trying to upsell me on other things that I forgot about it and ended up leaving the place hungry. (3) try to come when I don't have to interact with any humans afterwards. There's a garlic press sitting in that condiment tray and I'd love to know what the bowl tastes like with some of the raw stuff added in.

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