Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Stroll Through Old Delhi, India


My local teammate offered to take me to Old Delhi tonight, especially to pick grab some snacks off the street. One item I specifically requested was a jelebi, especially since I've never had a freshly fried one that was still warm. So we made our way to the Old Jalebiwala (1795 Dariba Corner) where we wolfed down one of these grease and sugar bombs with a scoop of rabri, a condensed milk dish.

Can you spot the barefoot man making paranthas?

We also went to a famous paratha shop called Gaya Prashad Shiv Charan (34 Paranthe Wali Gali), a little place tucked deep inside a narrow alley. And it was awesome. These guys face the alley, frying the paratha in ghee. It made these hot and crispy things much more fun than that commercialized chain Not Just Paranthas. The green chutney once again did it for me, as did the lassi in those cool clay cups. Perhaps the most amusing thing was the dude in the green and blue shirt above: look closely and you'll see that he's got his bare foot propped up just inches away from the rolling pin that he used. Yum...extra flavorings!

Mutton Korma

Finally, we made our way past the mosque to a place called Al Jawahar (8 Jama Masjid Matia Mahal Road), where my teammate ordered us some mutton korma and some flatbread to go with it. The mutton was deliciously tender and fatty, all while slathered in a surprisingly spicy brown sauce. I happily ate some of those raw onion slices to cut through the grease. But now I'm totally stuffed!

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