Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Teppei's Man Man Unagi Restaurant in Singapore


So Teppei formally opened his new unagi shop today (1 Keong Saik Road #01-01, 6222-0678). And I was impressed. Why? The ingredients. Not only was the unagi fresh (four tanks of live eels greet you right at the main entrance), but most importantly, it was only very lightly sauced. Plus, the hitsumabushi even came with fresh wasabi root and a grater.

My faith in Teppei has been restored. I nearly gave up after seeing how that overseasoned and tough bara chirashi propagated across the island, but this place reminded me that he can still focus on keeping it simple and with care. I'll happily come back here any day, although somehow I suspect that the crowds are going to work against me on this one.

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